What Is An Asphalt Plant?

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Asphalt plants are equipment designed to produce hot mix asphalt. It uses aggregate, bitumen and filler material to produce asphalt concrete (Hot mix asphalt).
The main feature of an asphalt plant is that it mixes them with bitumen and other filling materials to heat the aggregate and then prepare hot mix asphalt. These aggregates, bitumen and fillers are mixed in certain proportions.

Asphalt plants are composed of the main parts given below.

  1. Cold Aggregate Feeding Unit
  2. Conveyor Belts
  3. Dryer
  4. Filter
  5. Aggregate Elevator
  6. Filler Elevator
  7. Vibrating Screen
  8. Hot aggregate storage silo under the sieve
  9. Aggregate, bitumen and filler weighing scale
  10. Asphalt plant mixer
  11. Control System (PLC)

Types of Asphalt Plant:

  1. Batch Type Asphalt Plant: Batch type asphalt plants are designed for the production of high quality asphalt. In such plants, there are sieves.
    In order to prepare the materials according to the recipe, they are separated according to their size by sieve. In the batch type asphalt plant, all the products (aggregate, bitumen, elephants) before being added to the mixture are weighed precisely in accordance with the recipe given in their scales, and mixed in the mixer in the range of 40-50 seconds.
  2. Drum Mix (Continuous) Type Asphalt Plants: Continuous type asphalt plants are designed for easy maintenance and fast production. Sieve and weighing scales do not exist in such type of plants. In addition, the mixture is carried out either in the dryer or in a continuously operating mixer.

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