Concrete Batching Plant Automation

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Concrete Plant Automation System

The most important element of ready-mixed concrete production facilities is the automation group. Receiving and evaluating data from all components of the plant and changing the positions of the equipment according to these data ensures that the whole process works in harmony. This harmony is very important for the concrete quality and the correct preparation of the recipe.

TTC Engineering manages this process in the most professional way with its special automation equipment and software.

Fully Automatic Production

It continuously pulls data from weigh batches. With the continuous processing of these data, it ensures that the products in the concrete recipe are delivered to the mixer correctly in order to produce the concrete with the desired properties. It ensures the operation of bunker covers, band motors, mixer motors, scale flaps, cement auger at the right time.

The automation system is equipped with a control panel with all start and stop buttons and a control cabinet consisting of a computer where you can monitor all processes. You can also monitor the occupancy of the units and enter an unlimited number of concrete recipes on the computer. You can also easily access the reports.





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