Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

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Vertical Shaft Crusher

Vertical Shaft Crusher (VSI) produces high quality aggregates while providing low consumable costs thanks to its working principle. It is highly preferred in aggregate production, especially when cubic material is desired. They take part in the tertiary stage in the crushing and screening processes. It produces highly thin material.


There are two different designs of the crushing chamber. Stone cushioning arrangement with closed rotor is the most used type. This design is used for breaking harder and highly abrasive materials. The maintenance cost is very low.

The other type is the open rotor and armor ring cushioning arrangement. This type of design is used for breaking soft and low-abrasive materials. The size reduction rate is high. The production rate is high. Larger materials can be fed compared to the closed rotor design.


Vertical shaft impact crusher or VSI is used as an alternative to tertiary impact crushers. It can be applied in sand quarries, quarries, ready mixed concrete and mining areas. Suitable type for this machine are stones such as hard basalt and medium granite, such as tertiary impact crushers. The main purpose is to obtain aggregates of 0-5 mm (sand) size and cubic shapes.


- Use for natural rocks;
- Obtaining aggregate sizes suitable for concrete and asphalt production;
- Long-life spare parts;
- High sand and cubic material capacity.
- Low operating cost


The working principle of vertical shaft crushers is based on breaking the fed stone by striking it with the fed stone. It is exposed to a high amount of centrifugal force by the contact of the stone fed from the circular inlet with the rotor rotating at high speed. With the effect of this force, the stone thrown out of the rotor into the crushing chamber collides with the material fed into this chamber in the form of a waterfall. It transfers the kinetic energy created by the centrifugal force to the material fed here as an impact force, and crumbling occurs with the effect of this force.


Vertical shaft impact crushers apply a drying effect on the crushed stone. Due to this feature, it is an ideal choice for crushing juicy, moist and sticky materials. Thanks to the Rock-on-Rock principle, some of the water in the material is removed when the stones collide with each other. This ensures that the product coming out of Dikmilli Crushers has a drier structure than the product fed.



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