Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary concrete batching plants are generally preferred for projects to be made in a long-term and permanent working area.

Ready-mixed concrete production facilities consist of an aggregate bunker, weighing bunker, aggregate conveyor belt, mixer, cement weighing bunker, water weighing tank, chemical weighing tank and an automation system that allows all of these equipment to work in a synchronized harmony. Thanks to this harmony, it is possible to produce world-class and high-quality concrete.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

TTC Brand Mobile Concrete Batching Plants offer all the necessary technology for ready-mixed concrete production with more than 20 years of experience.

Thanks to the specially designed automation system, all equipment is synchronized and communicates with each other.

The internal structure of the mixer, sensitive upper group elements and all other equipment are specially designed to produce the most homogeneous concrete mixture possible in the shortest possible time.


The aggregate group is an independent equipment in stationary concrete batching plants. There is an aggregate weighing bunker and a collection conveyor under the stock hoppers of the bunker.

One of the most important components of concrete is aggregate. It is necessary to prepare an aggregate mixture according to the concrete recipe desired to be produced. The amount of aggregate of which size should be in a mixture is defined in advance to the automation system. These quantities are discharged from the outlet covers of the aggregate hopper equipped with pneumatic pistons. Aggregate weighing hopper measures these aggregate amounts with the loadcell and the automation system closes the relevant cover when the desired amount is filled. In this way, the amount of aggregate that the concrete should contain is precisely adjusted.

Mixer Group

Mixer group includes aggregate holding hopper, cement weighing hopper, water weighing hopper and chemical additive tank. These bunkers and tanks are located at the top of the mixer and directly unload the products into the mixer in the quantities determined by the automation system.

The mixer is responsible for obtaining the most homogeneous concrete mixture in the shortest time possible. The mixing equipment of the mixer is selected as products with high strength in order to successfully perform this task. The inner surface of the mixer is covered with wear-resistant armor.

When the mixing is completed, the mixer discharge cover is opened with the hydraulic system and the mixture is poured into the discharge chute located at the bottom of the mixer. From here, it is transferred to the field to be used with transmixers.

Automation System

Each facility is equipped with a control panel with all start and stop buttons and a control cabinet with a computer where you can monitor all processes. You can also monitor the occupancy of the units and enter an unlimited number of concrete recipes on the computer. You can also easily access the reports.


You can download pdf files containing detailed technical information about the models.


60 m³/h Capacity Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


100 m³/h Capacity Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


120 m³/h Capacity Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


160 m³/h Capacity Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


200 m³/h Capacity Stationary Concrete Batching Plant




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