Aggregate Dryer

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Aggregate Dryer

TTC Dryer creates an optimum level of heat transfer environment under high temperature conditions with its interior design, the design of which has been completed as a result of special analyzes.

Powerful Motion system

TTC Dryer uses an inverter to ensure longer life of the ring wheels and prevents the machine from starting quickly and stopping suddenly. Gearmotors have a motion system that can be used for many years without any problems, with high quality rolling bearings and high strength shaft, wheel and steel forged ring group.

The entire outer surface of the Dryer is insulated with rock wool material to prevent heat losses. The outside of this insulation material is also covered with a stainless steel sheet.

TTC asphalt plant dryers work with a soft starter to avoid problems under load.

Dryer burners are supplied from world famous brands. If desired, dual fuel can be supplied.

Special Interior Design

The internal design of the dryer has been specially designed so that the fed material can be exposed to as much heat transfer as possible until it leaves the machine.

Wing structure, arrangement and angles were determined with special analysis software. In this way, it is ensured that the effect of the burner flame can reach a longer distance and the aggregate stays in contact with the hot air and the surface for a longer time. Thus, effective heating and drying process is carried out.

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