Bitumen Tank

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Bitumen Tank

Asphalt bitumen tanks have capacities ranging from 30m3 to 5,000m3, standard or non-standard sizes, suitable for your project needs, desired capacity, heating surface area, insulation, etc. Flexible, high quality and long-lasting production is made according to the specifications.

Leakage and impermeability tests are applied for each bitumen tank we have produced. Only high quality steel drawn pipe (P235GH+TC1) serpentine is used in our hot oil heated bitumen tanks.

In order to save energy, all the outer surfaces of the bitumen tank are covered with rock wool insulation material. The outermost part is covered with stainless steel sheet.

Mixing system can be added to all models of bitumen tanks. Conical type geared motor is used in the mixing system.

Horizontal Type Bitumen Tank

It works in horizontal position. It is used by connecting more than one tank with plumbing and arranging them side by side. Hot oil coils are used as heating system. There is a level indicator on the front and a maintenance cover on the back of the installation inlets and outlets.




Vertical Bitumen Tank

They are bitumen tanks working in vertical position. More than one tank can be connected to each other with the installation and used side by side. Hot oil and electric heating system are used as heating system. There is a mechanical level indicator on the front, a maintenance cover and guardrails on the top. The sailor ladder is used to reach the top level.

Mobile Type Bitumen Tank

The bitumen tank is fixed on a mobile chassis. It is preferred because it provides easy transportation and installation advantages. It is generally used for short-term projects or facilities that are planned to be relocated in the future.








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