Wobbler Feeder

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Wobbler Feeder

The wobbler feeders, which are preferred especially when it comes to wet, muddy and sticky materials that are difficult to feed, ensure maximum plant efficiency by preventing feeding problems caused by blockages due to sludge. Thanks to the rotating elliptical / triangular discs, while the material moves forward, it ensures the separation of small sized ones and a regular feeding speed. 

The Only Solution for Damp Material

The efficiency loss caused by the clogging of the high humidity and sticky run-of-the-mill material coming from the quarry, in the vibrating feeders and the mesh screens, and the density in the main crushers were eliminated with wobbler feeders. The self-cleaning disc elliptical or circular shafts rotate synchronously to each other and the fine materials, mud particles and waste materials that are not wanted to enter the main crusher fall down with the effect of gravity along the opening determined in the design.


- Dust-free and vibration-free operation;
- Low maintenance needs;
- Low operating cost;
- Long life.




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