Cold Aggregate Silo

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Cold Aggregate Silo

Aggregate is one of the raw materials of asphalt production. Asphalt production begins with the feeding of the aggregate to the system and the aggregate undergoing a series of processes. For this reason, it is very important for the aggregate silos to transmit the aggregate from the desired materials in the right proportions in terms of asphalt quality and content.

Modular Structure

The bunker part of the cold silo consists of modular hoppers. The total bunker volume is the sum of these hopper volumes. The bunkers are manufactured from first class quality sheet metal. Assuming each hopper volume is 20m³, the bunker volume is referred to as 4*20 m³.

When the funnel part of the bunker does not have the required volume, additional trapezoidal bent caps are added to its upper part.

A vibromotor can be added in case of blockage in the funnel section. The vibration movement created by the vibromotor ensures that the fine material adhering to the funnel is separated from the funnel and moved towards the outlet throat.

Different Chassis Types

Cold aggregate silos can be produced with fixed or mobile chassis according to the requirements of the project.

TTC Asphalt is very successful in adapting plants to different project areas.

Dosing Conveyor

There is a dosing conveyor at the exit of each bunker. The task of this conveyor is to transfer the desired amount of material from the material in the chamber to the collector conveyor below it. It is mounted by hanging on the bunker chamber with rods.

In some processes, these dosing conveyors need to weigh. In this case, the weight of the material passing through the conveyor is sent to the automation system by being equipped with loadcells capable of precise measurement.




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