Hopper with Feeder

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Feeder Bunker

Bunker with feeder, or sand feeders in the market, are designed to feed secondary or tertiary crushers or vibrating screens when regular feeding is required in the process. It consists of a bunker chamber that allows the material to be temporarily stored at a certain point in the process, and a vibrating feeder or belt feeder placed at the outlet of this chamber. It can be operated on a steel construction structure according to the type and capacity of the material to be fed and the feeding height. So it can feed a machine directly. The design can be customized according to the process.

stock area between two processes

It is preferred in crushing and screening processes when it is necessary to make intermediate stock by placing it before the secondary, tertiary or screening stages of the facility. Thanks to the bunkers with feeders, which have a volume of 5m³ to 30m³, it is ensured that the plant works non-stop despite the stoppages before the bunker.
It can be fed directly to the machine’s inlet chute, without a conveyor in between. Thus, proper feeding of the machine is ensured.


This type of stock hoppers are discharged with a vibrating feeder or a belt feeder placed in the most suitable position at the outlet.

The vibratory feeder operates on heavy-duty helical springs placed on the hopper chassis. Feeding is provided by the vibration movement created by the vibromotor whose percussion power can be adjusted.

The belt feeder, on the other hand, is positioned so that it can be adjusted on the rails placed on the bunker chassis. When it is adjusted to the desired setting, the band is fixed with the fixing plate.




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