Asphalt Plant Filter

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Asphalt Plant Filter System

Asphalt Plant Filter System prevents environmental pollution by separating the dust and gas generated during production and ensures the collection of stone dust by preventing its spread to the environment.

While doing this, it performs filtration and powder dosing process in a fully automatic way. Our cassette type filters work efficiently. Thanks to this, it saves fuel and improves combustion quality.

High quality radial fan is used.

Bag Filter

TTC asphalt mixing plants prevent environmental pollution by separating stone dust and gas with their modern technology filters.

  • Filter, inlet and outlet temperatures measurement
  • Fresh air flap to prevent the filter from being damaged by high temperature
  • Heat resistant Meta-Aramid nomex stand up bags are used. Its thickness is 1.75mm.
  • This filter bag is 200°C resistant, average weight is 475g/m².
  • High air permeability average 12000 lt/dm²
  • Filter bags are water and oil repellent.
  • Dustproof design
  • The bags are easily replaceable.
  • The reverse flow bag cleaning system provides 99.9% air purification.
  • Insulation system suitable for climatic conditions and heat transfer

Filter cassettes are specially designed by TTC Engineering. It is resistant to corrosion.




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