Cement Silo

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Cement Silo

Cement Silo is used to store cement. It has high storage capacity. It is vertical design. Since cement is the main raw material of concrete, one of the most important elements of concrete plants is cement silos. In addition to concrete plants, it is also used in cement factories, plaster factories, construction chemical facilities.


Since the cement silos have a very high volume, there were great problems in transportation. That's why, as TTC Engineering, we designed the entire silo modularly.

The modules that make up the body part consist of 3 removable parts. The sailor's ladder and railing, which rises next to the hull and provides access to the upper part of the silo, is also completely modular.

Thus, very high volume silos can be transported taking up very little space.


A screw conveyor is mounted at the bottom of the silo. It enables the cement in the silo to be transported to the desired equipment.

There is an articulated feeding tube at the entrance of the Cement Augers. This feeding tube has a flange suitable for standard valve sizes. There is a maintenance and cleaning cover at the bottom of the feeding tube.

There is a head bearing at the outlet. The helical leaves attached to the shaft take the cement from the feeding tube and carry it towards the outlet with the circular movement they make between the engine, intermediate bearing and head bearing.


The silo filter ensures that the ambient air remains clean by preventing the spread of dust during filling. Thus, it is ensured that the emission values required within the scope of the regulation on the protection of air quality are obtained.

– It keeps the ambient air of the ready-mixed concrete plant clean.
– It prevents the loss of cement and ash raw materials in the concrete plant.
– It ensures that emission values in accordance with the environmental law and related regulations regarding ready-mixed concrete plants are obtained.




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