Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

TTC produces mobile asphalt plants with a capacity of 80-160 t/h. In TTC mobile asphalt plant designs, each unit and the equipment of that unit are carried on a mobile chassis. It is advantageous for contracting companies that will realize projects in different locations in a short time.

  • The installation and commissioning time is much shorter than the fixed asphalt plant.
  • Thanks to its compact structure, it is in the chassis including automation.
  • The construction costs required for the asphalt plant installation are much lower.
  • Bitumen tanks and hot oil boiler are transported mobile.

Mobile Cold Aggregate Silo

The cold aggregate feeding hopper and aggregate conveyor are mounted on the mobile chassis, which provides fast feeding and transportation. Frequency speed regulator runs the feeder smoothly and efficiently.

Mobile Dryer

Mobile Dryer performs the task of drying aggregates on a mobile chassis this time. For relatively short-term projects, mobile design that allows location change is more attractive for asphalt plant investors.

Mobile Filter

Asphalt plant filter group has multi-stage dust collection system, which can guarantee the finished product quality. The bag filter has an insulating layer to prevent the bag from condensing. The bag filter inlet has a temperature protection device to prevent the bag from being damaged. The mobile filter group carries the fan, filter body and filler bunker in the same chassis.

Mobile Mixer Floor

It consists of mobile asphalt plant tower, hot aggregate storage bunker, asphalt mixer, vibrating screen, weighing scales, automation cabin. The main part of the asphalt mixing tower has reasonable maintenance and safety protection device. The modularization of the tower allows the facility to quickly set up and transport.

Mobile Hot Asphalt Silo

The large volume finished product bunker is used to store ready asphalt. It is easy to use. The insulating layer provides a small temperature drop.


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