Asphalt Plant Mixer Unit

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Asphalt Plant Mixer Unit

TTC Asphalt Mixers perform the mixing of aggregate, bitumen, filler and additives, which is the last stage of asphalt production, very successfully with its superior body design, material quality and powerful drive mechanism.

Long life

The entire inner surface of the mixer body, which comes into contact with the hot asphalt mixture, is covered with plates with high resistance to heat and abrasion. The mixer arms and pallets arranged in a helical structure on the shaft are produced as castings and are suitable for long-term use.

Thus, it can continue to produce asphalt for a long time without the need for too many spare parts replacement.

Drive System

The mixer shaft is driven directly by reducers suitable for heavy-duty operation. The synchronization of the two shafts is achieved by connecting the gearboxes to each other with the shaft.

Special Heating System

There is a heater on the surface of the outlet cover in order to prevent problems such as possible sticking and clogging in the discharge cover.

In this way, asphalt is prevented from remaining on the cover and continues to work non-stop.




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