Continuous Type Asphalt Plant

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Continuous Type Asphalt Plant

TTC continuous type asphalt plants can be produced in mobile or fixed designs in the range of 80-320 tons/hour. It is designed for the production of high quality asphalt in continuous type operations. The dual-shaft continuous mixer system consistently creates well-mixed materials with high flexibility in terms of asphalt recipes. Another remarkable feature is that the mixture is mixed outside the dryer, that is, in a separate mixer.

The mixer acts as a buffer between the material to be mixed and the mixture. This operating system minimizes emissions while material components are fed directly into the continuous type mixer. In this system, quick recipe changes can be made without prolonging the stopping and starting times. This reduces operating costs and ensures high productivity. On the other hand, maintenance, repair and spare parts costs are lower in continuous type asphalt plants.

Continuous Type Mixer

Sürekli tip mikser, karışacak malzemelerin tümünün sürekli beslendiği ve belirli bir süre içerisinde karıştırılarak doğrudan mikserden sıcak asfalt silosuna boşaltıldığı bir karıştırıcıdır. Üretim boyunca sürekli çalıştırılır. Karışım süresi sabit kalmaktadır. Bununla birlikte karışımın mikser içinde geçirdiği süre sabit kalmak koşuluyla arttırılabilmektedir.

Cold Aggregate Silo

In continuous type asphalt plants, as in other plants, production starts in cold feeding bunkers. We use weighing tape in our designs in order to produce high quality asphalt in accordance with the recipe in continuous (continuous) type plants.

Aggregate Dryer

TTC Dryer creates an optimum level of heat transfer environment under high temperature conditions with its interior design, the design of which has been completed as a result of special analyzes.


Asphalt Plant Filter System

Asphalt Plant Filter System prevents environmental pollution by separating the dust and gas generated during production and ensures the collection of stone dust by preventing its spread to the environment. While doing this, it performs filtration and powder dosing process in a fully automatic way. Our cassette type filters work efficiently. Thanks to this, it saves fuel and improves combustion quality. High quality radial fan is used.

Bitumen Tank

Asphalt bitumen tanks have capacities ranging from 30m3 to 5,000m3, standard or non-standard sizes, suitable for your project needs, desired capacity, heating surface area, insulation, etc. Flexible, high quality and long-lasting production is made according to the specifications.

In continuous type asphalt plants, it is not possible to include a certain amount of bitumen in the mixture as the mixer works non-stop. For this reason, bitumen dosage is made with volumetric flow meters.


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