Feeder With Grizzly Scalper

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Feeder With Grizzly Scalper

The grizzly feeder is designed to operate successfully and for a long time under severe conditions. With its high wear resistance, heat treated drive console and high quality vibrators, it provides maximum efficiency, balanced feeding and effective and long-term operation with minimum breakdown. It can easily convey any size of material, from very large materials blasted in quarries to very small stream materials, to the crusher in front of it.

Indispensable for Primary

Grate Feeders are indispensable feeder type of crushing and screening plants. It ensures that the Primary Crusher is fed in the healthiest way possible. With its strong body design, high-strength grates and proven vibromotors, it gives confidence to the user.

Strong Body

In the primary stage, it is responsible for feeding the coarse material coming directly from the furnace to the crusher. For this reason, its body must be resistant to this large material, and it must also be able to handle the load of a bunker full of material on it.

Feeder Unit

The Rock Bunker and its carrier steel structure and by-pass chute constitute the primary feeding unit.

Close to the outlet of the grate feeders, there is a by-pass area equipped with cast grates, which acts as a screen. Materials in sizes that do not want to enter the crusher are taken between these grids and either thrown out of the process or directly fed to the output line of the crusher and included in the system. The distance between the grids can be easily changed. Thus, the product size to be bypassed is also adjusted.

By-Pass lines are used to increase efficiency in processes. The parts that do not need to enter the crusher go directly to the output line, allowing the crusher to perform better.




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