Batch Mix Asphalt Plant

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Tower Batch Type Asphalt Plant

TTC Engineering manufactures fixed batch type asphalt plant with a capacity of 80-320 t/h. TTC carries out the project, R&D, production, assembly and commissioning processes with great precision. TTC provides turnkey service for your asphalt plant investments. TTC can meet the demands of our customers with features such as models in various capacities, quality and economic operating costs, and after-sales support.

Why are TTC Asphalt Plants Different?

TTC Engineering produces asphalt plant in the appropriate model for every work area you think for asphalt production.

TTC Engineering has been continuing its activities for many years in the production of crushing and screening plants, concrete plants, mechanical stabilization plants and asphalt plants. It is taking strong steps towards becoming a world brand in its sector. It carries out the engineering and production processes of all equipment required for all these aggregate plants with its expert and experienced staff.

TTC Engineering carries out engineering practices in asphalt plant designs, assuming all options related to equipment and additives that can be added to the plant in the future.

TTC Asphalt Plants can be produced in different display options to adapt to city life. In addition, we strive to produce environmentally friendly facilities with sound and dust isolation systems.

TTC Asphalt Plants provide ease of transportation and installation thanks to its modular structure.

TTC Asphalt Plants are managed with TTC’s own automation system and software. It has multi-language support. It has an operator-friendly interface that has been simplified as much as possible.

TTC Batch Asphalt Plant keeps the spare parts needed by the customer in stock and guarantees 24/7 service support.

Cold feed bunkers vibromotors
Dryer inner blades, drums
Elevator buckets and chains
sieve wires
Mixer inner wear parts
Pistons, valves and switches
asphalt pump and hot oil pump

Cold Aggregate Silo

Aggregate is one of the raw materials of asphalt production. Asphalt production begins with the feeding of the aggregate to the system and the aggregate undergoing a series of processes. For this reason, it is very important for the aggregate silos to transmit the aggregate from the desired materials in the right proportions in terms of asphalt quality and content.

Aggregate Dryer

TTC Dryer creates an optimum level of heat transfer environment under high temperature conditions with its interior design, the design of which has been completed as a result of special analyzes.

Asphalt Plant Filter System

Asphalt Plant Filter System prevents environmental pollution by separating the dust and gas generated during production and ensures the collection of stone dust by preventing its spread to the environment. While doing this, it performs filtration and powder dosing process in a fully automatic way. Our cassette type filters work efficiently. Thanks to this, it saves fuel and improves combustion quality. High quality radial fan is used.

Asphalt Plant Mixer Unit

TTC Asphalt Mixers perform the mixing of aggregate, bitumen, filler and additives, which is the last stage of asphalt production, very successfully with its superior body design, material quality and powerful drive mechanism.

Asphalt Plant Sieve Unit

According to the desired mechanical properties of the asphalt to be produced, in order to determine which size and how much aggregate will be included in the mixture, first of all, the aggregate should be separated according to its dimensions. TTC Sieve Unit successfully fulfills the task of classifying the aggregate coming out of the dryer according to its dimensions.


Hot Aggregate Silo

It is the last equipment where the aggregate that has come out of the dryer and subjected to the sieving process is kept before entering the mixer. Here, it is kept in separate chambers according to its dimensions and conveys the desired amount of the desired size to the mixer with the help of the automation system.

Filler Silo and Elevator

It enables the storage of mineral fillers kept in the filter or taken from outside, conveyed to the mixer and used in asphalt production.

Hot Asphalt Silo

Hot asphalt is ready-to-use asphalt that has been produced. After the mixing process, which is the last stage of the asphalt production process, takes place in the TTC Asphalt Mixer, the final product, ready-to-use hot asphalt, is discharged into this silo.

Aggregate Elevator

The elevator is a vertically designed transport equipment that enables the aggregate coming out of the dryer to be transmitted to the sieving unit. Thanks to the carrier buckets and chain system inside, it successfully fulfills the task of feeding the sieve without interruption.

Bitumen Tank

Asphalt bitumen tanks have capacities ranging from 30m3 to 5,000m3, standard or non-standard sizes, suitable for your project needs, desired capacity, heating surface area, insulation, etc. Flexible, high quality and long-lasting production is made according to the specifications.

Hot Oil Boiler

The hot oil boiler is used in closed circuit operating systems for the circulation of the heated oil with the pump.

Asphalt Plant Automation

Asphalt plant is an asphalt production system consisting of a combination of many equipment and units and all of them must work in a synchronized manner. Ensuring this synchronization correctly and that all components work smoothly and in harmony is very important for asphalt production of high quality and desired properties. Therefore, TTC Engineering uses its own automation system and special software prepared for the plants in asphalt plants.



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