Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete batching plants are generally preferred for short-term projects and investments where location change is considered.

Although mobile concrete batching plants are generally preferred on a single chassis, we also have a double chassis design when high capacity is required.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

TTC Brand Mobile Concrete Batching Plants offer all the necessary technology for ready-mixed concrete production with more than 20 years of experience.

Thanks to the specially designed automation system, all equipment is synchronized and communicates with each other.

The internal structure of the mixer, sensitive upper group elements and all other equipment are specially designed to produce the most homogeneous concrete mixture possible in the shortest possible time.

All Equipment in a Single Unit

Aggregate Bunker
Aggregate Weighing Bunker
Aggregate Transfer Conveyor
Water Weighing Tank
Cement Weighing Bunker
Additive Tank
Concrete Mixer
Water Pump
Control Cabinet and Automation System

Easy Transportation & Easy Installation

The dimensions of our Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are suitable for international road transportation.
In this way, it can be easily transported between your construction sites.
Assembly and disassembly time is very short.
All equipment is designed to be transported on a single unit.
In short-term projects, it can be disassembled and easily moved to a different location. Thanks to this convenience, you do not have to postpone the start of your other project.

High Quality in Different Capacities

The production capacities of our Mobile Concrete Batching Plants range from 35 m³/h to 120 m³/h.


We have 4 types of mobile concrete batching plant models.

Double Chassis Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

In the double chassis type of mobile concrete batching plants, the aggregate group and the mixer group are designed to be on two separate chassis.

Aggregate group includes aggregate bunker, aggregate weighing bunker, collection conveyor. It can successfully operate at very high capacities.

High Quality at High Capacity

The mixer group consists of a mixer, cement weighing hopper, water weighing tank, admixture tank, aggregate conveyor and control cabin.

The two separate mobile units are coupled in the project area with the pouring chutes of the conveyors and automation system connections and together they produce high quality ready-mixed concrete in accordance with world standards.


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