Dewatering Screen

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Dewatering Screen

Dewatering sieves are vibrating sieves that are used to minimize the high amount of water in the washed sand and to purify it from organic materials that reduce the quality of the material. The most important difference from standard vibrating screens is that it works in reverse angle.

Dewatering screens are very important equipment for washing processes. The material subjected to the washing process contains at least twenty percent water. Storing this material in bulk and waiting for the water to drain requires quite a long time. It may even be necessary to stop the plant during this time. For this reason, it is necessary to remove the water in the washed material in the last stages of washing processes. Dewatering sieves are the most successful equipment for this process.

The sieve frame is mounted with an upward slope towards the outlet. With the vibration movement created by the vibromotors, the material moves upwards on the surface of the polyurethane sieve. But water is not included in this progression. The water filtered through the mesh openings of the polyurethane sieve and the water-soluble organic fibers have to be separated from the sand. Thus, the material freed from the water is obtained. In addition, the sieved water is recycled and reused in the washing system.



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