Asphalt Plant Equipments

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Asphalt Plant Equipment

TTC Dryer creates an optimum level of heat transfer environment under high temperature conditions with its interior design, the design of which has been completed as a result of special analyzes. In asphalt mixture, the aggregate must be heated up to 160°C for homogeneous and high quality production.

The size and amount of aggregate to be added to the asphalt is very important in terms of providing the quality and desired properties of the asphalt. For this reason, the sieve unit, which shows superior performance and works with a vibromotor drive system, continues its duty successfully in our asphalt plants.

Asphalt mixer is the most important equipment that realizes the last stage of hot asphalt production by mixing aggregate, filler and bitumen in a homogeneous structure and in the shortest possible time. There are mixer pallets on the double shaft.

It prevents environmental pollution by separating the dust and gas produced during asphalt production. It prevents the spread of stone dust to the environment and ensures its collection.

Cold aggregate silos store materials of different sizes in separate chambers. It transfers it to the system according to the product recipe. It is the starting point of asphalt production. Thanks to the automation system, it works in coordination with the hot silo.

It is the last equipment where the aggregate that has come out of the dryer and subjected to the sieving process is kept before entering the mixer. Here, it is kept in separate chambers according to its dimensions and conveys the desired amount of the desired size to the mixer with the help of the automation system.

It enables the storage of mineral fillers kept in the filter or taken from outside, conveyed to the mixer and used in asphalt production.

It is the silo where the mixing process is completed in the mixer and the hot asphalt, which needs to be stored until it is transferred to the vehicle, is kept.

It ensures that the aggregate is transmitted vertically to the classification stage.

Provides high storage volumes for bitumen storage. There are varieties with hot oil and electric heating system. It is produced as mobile and fixed.

It is used as the most ideal solution in bitumen transfer systems and asphalt plants due to its high efficiency and ease of use.

Asphalt plant is a production facility where a lot of equipment needs to work synchronously. TTC Engineering produces automation system specifically for asphalt plants and uses its own software in all systems.

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