Jaw Crusher

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Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a unique machine that can be applied to all kinds of stones of all hardness values. 

Its high reduction ratio allows it to reduce huge stones to extremely small sizes in one go.


Thanks to the crushing chamber design in jaw crushers, even in mines with high abrasiveness, less wear occurs compared to impact crushers. In this way, jaw crushers offer long-lasting working performance. Jaw crushers allow the processing of larger material than impact crushers. It also works with high capacity at low engine powers. This ensures high working efficiency.

ADVANTAGES of Jaw Crusher

- Reduction in overall dimensions by 3-5 times;
- Excellent material feeding capacity thanks to aggressive pitman action;
- The support plate provides the optimum working angle for greater breaking performance;
- It reduces operating costs thanks to wear-resistant manganese coatings.

How Does Jaw Crusher Work?

Two jaws, one movable and the other immobile, crush the aggregate by compressing it between them. The movable jaw is driven by the eccentric shaft, which makes the jaw plate move up and down for grinding.

Jaws made of 16-18% Mn 2% Cr alloy casting for working with hard material. However, as these plates are the most abrasive parts in this machine, they can be used interchangeably and upside down to work longer.

A safety plate or joint plate is the case when a foreign substance such as iron or hard material enters, ie it is difficult for the machine to crush the material. It stops the equipment and prevents it from being damaged by automatic disconnection or breakage.

Ease of Maintenance

Jaw crushers do not require daily maintenance other than lubrication. Maintenance costs are thus very low. Wear parts can be used for quite a long time. Thanks to the hydraulic adjustment mechanism, the jaw opening can be adjusted to the desired setting in a very short time and easily.



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