Hot Aggregate Silo

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Hot Aggregate Silo

It is the last equipment where the aggregate that has come out of the dryer and subjected to the sieving process is kept before entering the mixer. Here, it is kept in separate chambers according to its dimensions and conveys the desired amount of the desired size to the mixer with the help of the automation system.

Last Staiton Before Mixing

The aggregate reaches the sieve unit from the cold silo to the dryer, from the dryer to the sieve unit and finally to the hot aggregate silo. With the expression of hot aggregate, it is explained that the aggregate is subjected to drying process. After the drying process, the aggregate, which is sifted, is classified according to its dimensions. It is then stored in the hot aggregate silo, which has a separate chamber for each size.

In order to prevent heat loss, the outer surface of the silo is completely covered with rock wool insulation material. The insulation is also covered with a stainless steel sheet. Thus, the temperature of the aggregate to be transmitted to the mixer is preserved.




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