Washing Equipments

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It is the first choice for washing broken or natural materials. Washing augers can be produced with single or double spiral shafts. It is driven by a gear motor and a chain gear system. It is used for the dehydration of materials washed and mixed with water.

Pallet scrubbers are generally used in the washing process when it needs to be processed before the washing sieves to increase the sieving efficiency or before other washing equipment such as vibrating washing sieve, washing auger , the dewatering sieve to increase the sand equivalent. It serves to purify the stone from soil, clay and other unwanted particles.

Dewatering screens are designed to remove water from reclaimed sand in a washing system. After any washing process, the sand contains a minimum of 20% water. It may be possible after weeks to filter this amount of water by storing it in bulk. However, it also increases the cost of inventory excessively. For this reason, dewatering sieves are very valuable equipment for washing systems.