Grizzly Screen

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Grizzly Screen

In the grizzly screens, there are grids made of cast or sheet metal as the screening panel on the top floor where the material is fed.The pieces passing through the distance between these screens pass to the lower sieve panel. On the lower floors, perforated sheet metal or steel mesh screen is used as a screen panel. This type of sieve is generally used to quickly bypass the fine material between two crushing stages. Heavy-duty materials should be used, as they will be involved in the classification of very large materials.


When coarse-grained material needs to be classified, grid sieves are generally preferred. The first screening panel that meets the coarse material is produced from cast or sheet metal. In this way, spare parts consumption is considerably reduced. It prevents untimely stoppages and makes a very high contribution to process efficiency.


In the primary stage, the materials that do not want to enter the crusher are separated and sieved by placing them between the rock feeder and the crusher or between the primary crusher and the secondary crusher.

Due to the coarseness of the fed material, the wire mesh screen cannot withstand working at these stages and must be replaced in a short time. Grate sieves are the most suitable sieve type for these stages.


In the secondary stage, it can be used as a direct feed to the crusher or as a separate unit.

It is preferred in order to increase the performance of the secondary crusher if the material coming from the primary stage is still coarse grained.



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