Belt Conveyors

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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are machines that undertake the task of transporting bulk materials from fixed feeding locations to certain places and perform this task non-stop. If thousands of tons of bulk materials per hour need to be transferred to a different location, the use of belt conveyors is the only option. Especially in mines, iron and steel factories, thermal power plants, the main carrier element in the transport of ore, coal, lime and sinter materials is belt conveyors.

Modular Structure

Conveyors are individually adapted for different applications, i.e. volumes, size of pellets, delivery height etc. when calculating the dimensions of the conveyors. are taken into account.

Belt conveyor frames can be manufactured as Steel Sheet Bending, profile scissors or NPU profile. It has a modular design. All chassis, including side walls and intermediate supports, can be completely disassembled and easily reassembled. The removable belt conveyor frames and intermediate supports provide great convenience during transportation and installation.

The entire conveyor should be equipped with a powder coating (galvanized sheet), emergency cables as standard, and equipped with walls and a maintenance platform (galvanized cover) where necessary as determined by the TTC.

Non-Stop Transfer

Belt conveyors are the most economical solution of the facilities where the bulk material needs to be transported without interruption. Especially in crushing and screening plants, belt conveyors become the most important organ that enables the plant to work non-stop, as they undertake the task of transmitting the material between the machines. The material carried by the belt conveyor directly affects the capacity of the crushers and screens.

Therefore, the correct selection of belt conveyors according to the desired capacity is very important in order to ensure that the machines are coupled. Band width, transport angle, engine power selections should be determined by expert technical personnel.




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