Vibrating Feeders

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Vibrating Feeders

A vibrating feeder is equipment tasked with transferring between two equipment in a bulk material process. Feeders of various sizes and types are used for continuous feeding of crushers and screens after the primary crushing stage. With its high wear resistance, high strength drive console and quality vibrators, it provides maximum efficiency, balanced feeding and effective and long-term operation with minimum breakdown.

Efficient Feeding

Vibrating Feeders are mounted on the inlet chutes of the Crushers, ensuring that the material fed to the crusher arrives more smoothly. High wear occurs in the middle part of the wear parts on the rotors of the belt conveyor fed crushers. This is due to the belt conveyor conveying the material to the crusher in a more bulky way from the middle. As the Vibro Feeder spreads the material and transmits it to the crusher, the pallets are worn more evenly and spare parts consumption is reduced.


Vibrating Feeders work successfully in any location where bulk material needs to be properly transferred from one process to the next. It ensures that the machine it feeds can work independently of the machines that fall behind, and therefore the process can be operated continuously. In crushing and screening processes, vibro feeders are used when secondary crushers, screens, tertiary crushers and vertical shaft crushers need to be fed with intermediate stocks.

It undertakes the task of properly feeding the material in the Intermediate Stock Bunkers or the Intermediate Stock Areas with Tunnel Exit to the next element.




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