Vertical Shaft Crusher

The vertical shaft crusher performs the crushing process by multiplying the crushing chamber which is composed of the same material and the crushing chamber composed of the same material in order to accelerate the material to be crushed. The material to be broken is directed into the rotor through the feed chamber. The material exiting the rotor hits the crushing chamber at a speed of approximately 200-250 km / h. 3 types of breaking action takes place. These are impact, splitting and abrasion. The path of the material to be broken in the crusher proceeds by rubbing the primers covered with almost stone material. This significantly reduces wear on the mechanical part of the machine.

Vertical shaft crushers perform hard, abrasive, small grain, wet, damp or sticky feeding materials easily. These materials can be found in all applications listed in the following list:

  • For breaking 7-30 mm natural stone which is not used in creek materials.
  • In case of high 0-5 material ratio in limestone, basalt and dolomite quarries,
  • If cubic material is required in limestone, basalt and dolamite,
  • Production of sand, gravel and gravel in the required dimensions for concrete and asphalt,
  • In the production of materials including fine-grained products used for road infrastructure,
  • Sands whose technical characteristics are determined by standards,
  • In the process of breaking the cement material in order to maximize the small particle size by reducing the grain size in the mill before the process,
  • Can be used in the addition of coking coal to liquid steel by spraying.
TTC-6-9000 45 300-350 320 ø900-3
TTC-6-8000 45 200-250 220 ø900-2