Secondary Impact Crusher

Crusher Type:

These are the crushers that provide the safe breaking of medium hardness and non-abrasive rocks and stones (such as basalt, dolomite, granite and limestone) in the nature of asphalt and concrete aggregate. Coarse material feeding, cubic product, high reduction ratio, high capacity, low investment and operating cost make these crushers ideal secondary crusher in crushing and screening plants.

Mounting Structure:

The housing consists of three main parts that can be easily dismantled to ensure ease of operation and maintenance with a well-developed construction: the rotor, the fixed lower body carrying the rotor and the movable upper body above it. The upper body can be opened by rotating around a hinge by a hydraulic mechanism to reveal the rotor and the inner parts. Assembly and disassembly are simplified thanks to this hydraulic mechanism.


In the first crushing stage, the stone entering the crusher hits the crushing elements in the specially designed first zone by the swinging of the rotor hammers. Even the most difficult materials to break are easily broken by the high pressure and breaking force generated in this area. When the crushed material reaches the desired dimensions, it passes to the second zone.

If the crushed materials in the first zone are too large to pass to the second zone, they are sent back to the first zone by the crushing elements and subjected to the same treatment in this zone until they are reduced to the size that can pass into the second chamber. When it reaches the desired dimensions, the material passes into the second zone and goes through another crushing stage; thus reduced to smaller dimensions. Subsequently, the material passes to the third zone and the final crushing process is carried out to reduce the material to the smallest possible dimensions.

Usage places:

It is an ideal secondary stage crusher in crushing and screening plants.   

TTC-3-1110 250 100-150 160 740 ø1100X1000 17000
TTC-3-1112 250 150-250 200 740 ø1100X1250 21000
TTC-3-1115 250 200-350 250 740 ø1100X1500 26000



It is designed to be manufactured by combining thick sheet metal sheets cut in accordance with the design with a strong welding construction and consists of fixed lower body and movable upper body. The two bodies are connected to each other with bolts. Once these fastening bolts have been released, the movable upper part of the housing can be opened freely by means of hydraulic cylinders.

One of the most important advantages of the breaker design is the inspection and maintenance covers on both sides, which makes it possible to quickly learn the wear status of the parts subject to wear and to check the adjustment process.

Body linings are made of highly abrasion resistant material.


The rotor housing is extremely durable and the rotor shaft is made of heat-treated high-quality steel. The bearings used for the rotor are selected as heavy duty type. There is a shaft end on both sides so that the belt pulley system can be used on both sides of the breaker when necessary.


Extremely high resistance to breakage. These self-centering pallets are firmly attached to the rotor housing with special wedges. They are secured with pallet holders against lateral sliding. It keeps its place in case of any wear.


The grinding plates connected to the steplessly adjustable grinding slide form the second (secondary) crushing step. Thanks to the adjustment shaft, the grinding carriage can be adjusted very conveniently to determine the distance between the crusher tracks and the grinding plates.


The grinding plates and grinding profiles connected to the steplessly adjustable grinding blade form the third crushing stage. The distance between the crusher pallets and the grinding plates is again adjusted by the mechanical adjustment group.


The breaker’s own hydraulic control unit provides the necessary pressure to the cylinders. Operation is by hand valve.

TTC Secondary Impact Crusher Broshure

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