CPE Series Parking Lotse

Another of our advanced parking systems is CARPARK ELEVATOR.

Carpark Elevators allow the drivers to park easily and quickly without the need of a valet thanks to the fully automatic computer system controlled by PLC. The necessary safety measures ensure that drivers and owners are safe. The vehicle, which is left in the cabin at the entrance point of the system, is lifted to the appropriate floor by means of the elevator mechanism, and it is parked in the final area with its table thanks to the displacement system that can move to the left and right. The elevator car takes another empty vehicle tray and arrives at the entrance to pick up the next vehicle.

System Advantages:

  • Design according to usage area and shape
  • High material and quality of workmanship
  • High security working system
  • PLC Controlled Computer System
  • Control unit with large touch screen
  • Vehicle delivery according to license plate or location
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long Operating Life
  • Minimum Vibration and Volume
  • It is free of difficult ramps and does not include troublesome bends.
  • Expensive Lighting and Ventilation systems are not needed.
  • Provides capacity increase of up to 50 vehicles in 3 parking spaces
  • Prevents unnecessary fuel consumption and toxic gas release
  • Prevents parking damage in vehicles
  • Eliminates risks such as theft and assault
  • Appropriate solution against natural disaster.