CPDDXB Series Parking Lotse

The CPDDxB series car parks, which are produced for passenger cars, are suitable for vehicles with a maximum height of 160 cm.

The parking capacities produced in this series are 8, 10, 12, 16 vehicles. The required area is 35 m² with a width of approximately 5 meters and a length of 7 meters. With the CARPARK CPDD-xB series, it is possible to park up to 16 vehicles in an area where you can park two vehicles.

Thanks to the PLC control system, the system operates fully automatically. Vehicle entry is made from a single point. Movement of the mechanism starts with the approval of the vehicle driver. The system, which works with the logic of the ferris wheel, takes the nearest empty cabin to the vehicle entrance and the process is completed.

The system is operated by entering the vehicle number or vehicle license plate on the vehicle delivery, touch screen. The operating speed of the system is 4 ~ 5 m / min. The delivery of the nearest vehicle is 30 seconds and the delivery of the furthest vehicle is 2 minutes and 45 seconds. The process is completed when the driver leaves the system with the vehicle.

Optionally, the about-turn system can be added to allow vehicles to exit straight out of the system after entering straight. This system allows the vehicle to easily exit the system straight away.

Another optional product is the turn-table mounted on the floor at the entrance of the system. No matter which angle the vehicle approaches the system, it is positioned on the turntable so that it can enter the system straight and input is provided. At the outlet, the desired angle can be determined by means of the rotary table.