Concrete Plant

Concrete plant is a facility in which, by combining sand, water, aggregates, cement and additives, concrete production occurs. Compact concrete plants are suitable for users who do not change the location frequently. However, because of the easy assemble and disassemble structure you can move it completely to another location by fitting in two trailers.

Inert material hoppers give you a chance to produce concrete according to the standardized receipt. After batching the inert material, they go to the mixer with the help of conveyor. Before entering the mixer, water, additives and cement also dosage. In order to not to lose the capacity these processes done simultaneously and all contents ready for every batch to become concrete.

TTC cares about customers and makes everything for easy and effective use of the plant. Every facility equipped with a control cabin which consists control panel with all start and stop buttons and personal computer where you can follow all processes. On the computer you can also monitor fullness of the units and enter unlimited number of concrete receipts. In addition, you can easily reach report.