What is a Crushing Plant?

All of the machinery and equipment that are used in the road and building sector, especially in quarries, by reducing the rough material obtained and bring it to the form to be used is called crusher. The main crusher plants are 90 crusher plant and 110 crusher plant.

What are the equipments forming the Crusher Plant?

The equipment that makes up a crusher plant with the lowest capacity consists of the following equipment, respectively:

  1. Bunker
  2. Feeder
  3. Primary Crusher
  4. Conveyor Belts
  5. Vibrating Screen

Crusher plant equipment is structured with superior equipment for sufficient work under difficult conditions. In addition to the primary crusher, secondary impact crushers and tertiary crushers can be added for high quality materials and high production capacity. If there is a necessity to enlarge the equipment and capacity, stock bunkers etc. can be added.

How manufacturing of Crusher occurs?

First of all, the properties of the product to be processed are determined (type of stone for crushing, size, product sizes on the exit of the system, percentages etc.). The layout plan of the crusher plant is prepared according to the capacity required by the customer. After the layout plan is approved, the manufacturing projects of the machines selected with accordance to the capacity are transferred from the technical drawing department to the manufacturing department. At the same time, personally to the customer concrete plant projects are prepared and delivered. While manufacturing continues, the customer completes its works with the concrete. The equipment, of which manufacturing is completed, is sent to the plant area. The assembly team completes the installation of the equipment and the testing stages of the plant. And now, installation of the Crushing Plant is completed.

Are the Raw Materials We Use in Production Made in China?

TTC Engineering uses only certified and high quality raw materials. Materials are supplied from reliable, branded local or European manufacturers. Especially, it is out of question to import or use products / raw materials from the Far East regions (China, etc.).